Monday, November 25, 2013

Separate but equal

I for one am very impressed by the progressive and enlightened stance taken by UK Universities. Allowing prejudice back into our universities is but the first step in rolling back this damnable political correctness and its sinister sister, equality. We may finally begin to see the long hoped for reestablishment of good old fashioned values. The kind of righteous values that are rooted in religion and common sense. 

Never again will ‘separate but equal’ be viewed as the disgusting euphemism for racism and sexism it has always been. We are free at last, free at last, to treat others as inferior. 

We may again, with pride, attend gatherings secure in the knowledge that the Irish will be encouraged to sit separately from the rest of us. Not only the Irish, but the Africans, Asians, Orientals and the Slavs. 

While I wouldn't be quite as keen about separating out the white women, I can understand keeping menstruating women away from clean women, as well as women who have committed adultery. Obviously any woman who has had an abortion needs isolating, as god really hates them. And women with tattoos, makeup, dyed hair and immodest clothing should all be shepherded away from the good people. I’m not suggesting we burn witches, I mean uppity women, at the stake, but I shouldn’t have to sit next to one. 

It would be important to also keep away anyone with a mental illness as this is most likely the result of a demonic possession. Also anyone with a physical disability. We all know that people who are physically disabled are paying the price for sins they committed in a former life. By treating them as fully fledged human beings we are interfering in their atonement.

Of course the gays. Need I say more about the gays?

The albinos make me feel uncomfortable, so they’ll need to be kept in a darkened room all by themselves. People with HIV/AIDS (the bad kind) come under the categories of homosexuals, adulterers and karmically challenged, thus should be treated like lepers. And the lepers.  

The Papists, anabaptists, communists, atheists, Jews and Mohammedans will need identifying. So too the socialists, liberals and feminists. All terribly hairy people deserving of opprobrium.    

I did mention the sodomites didn’t I? Never forget the sodomites. 

The criminal classes, compromising the poor, the very poor, the drug addicted and the indigent have no place in respectable company. 

Anyone who has ingested pork, beef or alcohol is beyond the pale. 

Any man who has been circumcised is obviously inferior. As is anyone who objects to circumcision. And a woman who has been mutilated is most likely from unwholesome racial stock anyway so they’ll need corralling in separation pens.  

Any women who chooses to endure life after their husband has died, is most suspect. Women who do not submit to their husband’s every whim are not to be trusted. Any women who would not endure physical chastisement from their lord and master is problematic.   

Fat people are obviously incapable of any self-restraint so need to be kept at arms length. 

Oh the shirt-lifters. The bloody shirt-lifters. Don’t get me started on that lot. 

The gingers, the lefties, the myopic, the flatulent, the vegetarians, the tree huggers and the global warming alarmists. The mixed race, the conspiracy theorists, the lizards who rule us all. Every man, woman and child who was involved in the assassination of arch-papist and serial adulterer John F. Kennedy. Those who have read Lord of the Rings and enjoyed it. Evolutionists, women who can read, anyone poor who can read though their employment does not require it. Anyone who voted for Obama. Anyone who wants socialised medicine.  The homos, their families, friends and allies. All of these need to be segregated with extreme prejudice. 

And finally any man with a beard or any man without a beard and any woman who looks a man in the eye.  

I of course declare that I have the invented right to add anyone or anything to this list at whim and you must respect that whim as you are a morally corrupt piece of shit, too lazy to deny me my hate. 

Did I mention the fairies? Disgusting creatures. Why are they allowed sail a ship to heaven and I can’t? That Frodo is one lucky bastard. 

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